Free Scan X3

FreeScan X3

FreeScan X3, with innovative and ultra-portable (0.8kg) handheld design, inherits Tenyoun industrial 3D scanner’s characteristics of high accuracy and high reliability. Meanwhile, portative handheld operating mode is adopted. Whether in narrow operating space or bright outside, whatever the texture and color of the object, the size and complexity of the part, FreeScan X3 that adopts new line laser array and high speed 3D scan technology could be used in the situation where there is no external positioning system, tripod or fixture.


System performance

  • Light and easy handheld measurement, no need external clamping positioning
  • 6 cross array laser line, realizing outdoor measurement
  • Automatically positioning reflective markers, overall deviation control
  • Almost applicable to all kinds of workpiece material and surface color
  • Flexible design makes sure site entering and internal measurement accessible
  • Real-time visualized operation, intuitive, convenient and fast
  • Real-time high-speed data calculation and generation
  • Compatible photographic 3Dphotogrammetric systems, measuring large workpiece
  • Data output to CAD/RE software, no need of post-processing


  • Ultra-portable handheld laser 3D measurement system
  • Precision up to 0.03mm, under German VDI/VDE 2634 standard
  • Fit to measurement task in all kind of complex circumstance
  • High speed scanning: 240000 scans/s
  • Light and handy, 0.8kg, narrow space operation accessible
  • High speed scanning, easy operating
  • Large measurement space, great stability
  • Close to unlimited 3D scanning, not affected by size, texture and color of the object





   Weight   0.8 (kg)
   Size   135 x 80 x 300 (mm)
    Light Source   6 line laser array, Class II (eye safe)
   Scan Rate   240000 (scans /s)
   Scanning Area   230 x 250 (mm)
   Resolution   0.100 (mm)
   Measurement Accuracy   maximum 0.03 (mm)
   Volume Precision*   0.020 + 0.100 (mm / m)
   Combined With DigiMetric*   0.020 + 0.025 (mm / m)
   Working Distance   300 (mm)
   Scan Depth   250 (mm)
   Measurement Range (object size)   0.1 - 6 (m), extendable
   Data Compatibility Software   3D System(Geomagic Solutions)
  InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks)
  Dassault Systemes(CATIA V5&SolidWorks)
  PTC(Pro/ENGINEER, Siemens(NX&Solid Edge)
  Autodesk(Inventor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage)
   Transmission Mode   USB3.0
   Working Temperature   -10 - 40 ℃
   Working Humidity   10 - 90 %

*Under ISO 10360 standard, volume precision defined as a number independent of size

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