EinScan Pro+ : Professional high-performance handheld 3D scanner

EinScan-Pro+ Handheld 3D Scanner

Professional high-performance handheld 3D scanner

Four Versatile Scanning Modes

- Handheld Rapid Scan
- Handheld HD Scan
- Fixed Scan without Turntable
- Fixed Scan with Turntable

Handheld HD Scanning Mode

Offers an enhanced handheld HD scanning mode by
implementing an intensive line-scanning strategy.

100 Data Capture Lines          550,000 points/second


Compact and Portable Design

Physical dimensions                        Weight
248 X 156 X 48 mm      0.83 Kg

User-friendly EinScan Software

A vast selection of alignment options
Easy and quick
Simultaneous data display
Professional scan result
Compatible with popular CAD software and 3D printing
Powerful tools
Excellent texture scan
User-friendly operation
Multi-language support
One-click data sharing on Sketchfab


Rapid Registration

A new feature to recognize and align reference points has been added under

Handheld Rapid Scan.

Make large-size objects scanning much faster, and object with less surface

geometry much easier.

For Higher Efficiency & Quality

 For Unlimited Inspiration  For A Healthier Life  For Creative Imaginatio

Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering

Art & Heritage Design Healthcare Research & Education

 3D Modeling for Customized Product and Service

    Virtual Display 

via 3D Printing

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