Raptor 3DX

Raptor 3DX

Automated 3D Scanner with robotic platform

High accuracy
full-field 3D scanning system
in its simplest form
Conventional systems require use of jigs or clamps
to hold down objects, due to the nature of its
mechanism. This pre-process is not only time
consuming but may affect scan output result, if not
done professionally. 

Raptor3DX's robotic platform was carefuly
engineered with our patented mechanism and
completely eliminates needs for object fixation &
scan markers, increasing work efficiency.

Raptor3DX is fully automated 3D digitizing solution for metrology and reverse engineering. Its proprietary robotic platform enables place-and-scan convenience, suitable for all levels of users.





When higher freedom of scanning is required
Raptor3DX sensor can be detatched from the
automation platform. Being able to capture large
scan area per single shot can enable large-scale
projects such moulds and BIW



Automatic Mode w/ the robotic platform
- Digitize your object at a click of a button Place-and-scan method
- No fixation object required
- No need for scan markers
- Proprietary platform enables 360º full field scanning
  Manual Mode
- Interchangeable FOV (measure volume) by the user 
- One unit covers from small to large objects 
- One single scan covers objects sized 600mm in diameter 
- Compatible with conventional studio stands & tripods


  Raptor3DX Sensor
- Structured-light optical 3D scanner for high-precision 3D data
- Robust housing for rough environments
- Speckle-free LED light source for low noise level
- High bandwidth data interface
  Compatible with third party inspection
and reverse engineering software


    3DX Scan Software
    - Controls Raptor3DX and is designed to work with Raptor3DX seamlessly
    - Based on 64-bit architecture to handle heavy duty usage
    - Easy UI for all levels of users
    - Automatic alignment of scan datas
    - Recovery mode helps you to recover your data from unexpected situation 



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